“The Antidote for Tech” – How to minister effectively to an over-stimulated generation of teenagers.




I am not a luddite. In fact I am a BIG tech consumer, and just as over-stimulated as the generation of teenagers I work with. With so many distractions clamoring for our teenagers attention, how does a youth worker (or parent) minister effectively to teens in this culture? We will look at the science behind where we are and discover what you can do, to leverage the holes that the tech platform has given us to minister to the teenagers we love.

This will be my topic for Open Seattle next weekend. I’m really interested in your thoughts as I prepare mine. Is this a good subject matter? Do you have any resources you’ve come across? Things that work for you? I will post a more thorough blog on this after my talk next weekend. Here are the four points I am working with as of now:

  • Nature
  • Deep Relationship/ Discussions
  • Active Learning
  • Adventure Programming

Since this is a new type of conference, I thought I’d try open sourcing my talk a little. Give me your thoughts / feedback! What do you think? What can you add to the discussion?


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